Omsk RTS uses NODA voice bots to take down water and heat meter readings

In big cities, taking down meter readings has always been a tricky task, and Omsk, with its 1.2 million residents is the second biggest city in Siberia.

Omsk RTS (Omsk distributing heat grid) comprises about 263 thousand kilometers of heat pipelines, 14 transfer pumping stations, and a central heat point, and operates about 263 thousand kilometers of heat pipelines, 14 transfer pumping stations, and a central heat point.

With such a significant number of users, no wonder that the contact center of Omsk RTS had to cope with regular peak loads occurring when at the end of every month users started calling to submit their meter readings.

The company was considering several solutions that would be instrumental in coping with peak loads. Finally, a robotic service with the speech recognition function was chosen as the best possible option. Knowing that a similar solution on the basis of Noda Contact Center had previously been implemented at Tomskenergosbyt, the company decided to employ NODA's services.

The solution routs inbound calls through IVR: either to one of the self services, or to a contact center agent. Apart from the phone call component, the solution includes a speech platform and a conversation system - all this allows callers to dictate their meter readings. A robot processes voice data into figures, and then the data is transferred to the Omsk RTS billing system.

The project involved integrating Noda Contact Center with Omsk RTS billing system, so a caller can be identified by the number of their user account number and address. The service, which was deployed in two months’ time, is capable of receiving readings from several meters within one call.

To receive hot water and heat meter readings, Omsk RTS allotted a special phone number 8(800) 770-74-60. At present, a voice robot on NODA technologies can do the following: 

  • single out the topic of the call, and rout it to the corresponding service 
  • take down heat meter readings 
  • take down water meter readings
If an issue arises, the caller can always switch over to a contact center agent.

"Remote self-services are growing in popularity among the users of Omsk RTS", says Deputy General Director at Omsk RTS Oleg Hilko. "Our company is working on expanding online self-services and introducing new communication channels. One of such services is a voice bot which is to make the process of submitting meter readings faster and more convenient.

Andrey Zaitsev, Director of Contact Center Department at NODA:

"Taking down meter readings is a standard situation in which a robot can totally replace a human operator. We deployed out first service of this kind in 2014, at the contact center of Mosenergosbyt. Such projects are becoming more common: recently we have implemented voice robots at the contact center of Russian Post. The case of OMSK RTS shows that we can deliver such full-scale projects fast: the service was deployed within just two months. "

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