Global CIO 2018: Noda Erudite Voice Bot developed by NODA for the Russian Post customer support service becomes the Best Project in AI nomination.

January 30, 2019: Global CIO, the official community of Russian IT directors, announced the results of its 'Project of the Year 2018' contest held annually since 2012.

In 2018, the jury reviewed over 200 projects. Noda Erudite voice bots developed by NODA for the Russian Post customer support service won in the Artificial Intelligence nomination

Within the project, NODA developed three robotic services with the following functions:  

  • Primary classification and thematization of inbound calls for further routing;  
  • Providing information on the postal item status; 
  • Providing information on the nearest post office locations and working hours.
Currently, one out of five calls is handled by the bot without any help from a live agent. Bots process about 500 thousand calls per month, including some 100 thousand calls from customers inquiring about the status of their postal items. In 85 % of cases, the bot determines the topic of th call correctly.

When the quality of speech recognition causes any doubt, the voice service reroutes the call to a human agent or IVR menu. Besides, if the caller has any problems speaking to a bot, they can switch to a live agent any time. 

This solution not only boosts operational efficiency; it also prevents professional burnout of the customer service staff. As a result of the project, the cost of processing calls about postal item status has dropped more than 6-fold; some 30 agents have been relieved of routine operations and transferred to perfrom more complex tasks.

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