Rostelecom Unifies Its Outbound Telemarketing Using Noda Contact Center

The project of deploying Noda Contact Center platform at Rostelecom has reached its completion.

The project involved installing Noda Contact Center at eight separate sites with 60 to 200 agent workstations each. All in all, 700 workstations have been automated. Now all Rostelecom subsidiaries running telemarketing projects have a single set of tools and a unified KPI system to benchmark their operating results.

Previously, Rostelecom's macro regional offices used platforms by different vendors, each office having its own system of KPIs. In this situation, it was rather difficult to compare KPIs of different branches; besides, Rostelecom had long been considering introducing gamificitaion elements to boost competition among its subsidiaries. So the company decided to unify the process of outbound telemarketing by implementing a single product across all its sites.

A single platform for all outbound telemarketing campaigns

The company held a tender which, apart from Russian solutions, attracted two bids from AVAYA. The tender procedure included over 50 tests. Basing on their results, Noda Contact Center was chosen as the single solution provider. Besides, NODA had successfully met all software localization requirements and was included in the company's internal roster–this fact also contributed to the decision-making process. Rostelecom had already had the experence of using Noda Contact Center for outbound calling: it is installed at the call centers of two internet access providers (OnLime and InterZet), as well as in one of the company's macro regional offices (Volga).

New platform's capabilities

The project enabled the company to automate more than 700 of its workstations. All Rostelecom subsidiaries involved in telemarketing have been equipped with a single set of instruments for outbound campaigns, including: 

  • support of various call modes: predictive dialing, progressive dialing (with agent reservation), calls with preliminary customer case study, and automated calls (without live agents); 
  • campaign strategy customization, including: phone number type and priority, number shuffling regime, allowed calling time, time zones, etc.; 
  • answering machine detection (AMD); 
  • stereo call recording; 
  • agent scripts that include complete data necessary for a successful conversation; 
  • automated agent performance assessment.
Agents have been provided with a single dashboard that contains full conversation scripts with useful prompts, rules for handling objections, fields for typing in call results, etc.

Additionally, a two-direction integration with the internal dealership management system has been carried out. It allows to upload calling lists automatically in accordance with Rostelecom's internal procedures. After the telemarketing campaign has been completed, all the results (successes, failures, sales, rejections) are transfered back to the dealership management system, for follow-up analysis and subsequent decision-making.

Project results

Implementing a single platform has helped to streamline communication and boost competition among the company's macro regional offices. Now that the operating results of all the agent teams are comparable, it is possible to determine and disseminate good practices. The company holds regular webinars for employees to share their experience of using Noda Contact Center with colleagues from other branches.

The interface of Noda Contact Center has been designed with business users in mind, so Rostelecom staff can customize all stages of calling campaigns, from user registration to scripts and reporting.

The solution enables to contact customers with minimum call attempts. In the campaign setup, the user can choose an optimal calling time slot, phone number type (mobile, home, office) and the rules of number shuffling. The call distribution algorithm works out the best agent workload taking into account the average call duration, call follow-up, CSSR and other parameters. AMD automatically compares the voiceflow with with digital voicemail samples form its database and terminates calls when there is a match.

Having reached the customer in the predictive mode, the system generates a silence until the call is routed to an agent. In cases when the customer decides to hang up before the call is put through, the system makes an automated callback in the progressive mode, having reserved an agent who will handle the call.

If the time of call is inconvenient for the customer, the agent can delay the call, and the system will make an automated callback at a preset time. The system will make the necessary allowance for the time lag, if the agent and the customer are in different time zones. If customers who have not received a callback decide to call the contact center themselves, a conversation script related to the call campaign automatically pops up in the agent dashboard.

The high performance of Noda Contact Center outbound calling module raised the agent outbound telemarketing employment to 85 %. Contact bases are now being processed twice as fast with the same convertion rate, which has boosted sales considerably.

Andrey Zaitsev, Director of NODA Contact Center Department: "More and more enterprise-level companies choose NODA automation solutions over products by western vendors. In the last three years, we have implemented over 10 large-scale modernization projects for such companies as Rostelecom, InterRAO, Moscow Department of Information Technologies, Russian Post, OTP Bank, Rossiya Bank, ERA-GLONASS, 112 Emergency Center, Sportmaster, and others."

Rostelecom ( is one of the largest national telecommunications companies, operating in all segments of telecommunications market and covering millions of Russian households. The number of Rostelecom's fixed-line broadband subscribers is over 13 million, with another 10.1 million TV subscribers. By the end of Q3, 2018, Rostelecom's revenue had exceeded $3.5 billion. The company has 79 divisions, including 7 macro regional offices, and one representation office.

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