Noda Contact Center Helps German VersOffice Boost Efficiency

Noda Contact Center has been successfully deployed at the call center of VersOffice GmbH.

Noda CC has helped VersOffice automate its contact center processes, which allowed to cut the average handle time by half. The deployment of Noda Contact Center was carried out by NODA’s Silver Partner in Germany, SoftBCom Berlin GmbH.

VersOffice, a large-scale outsource partner of German insurance companies, caters for the needs of about 200 insurers and financial organizations. The company’s call center provides secretarial services, performing the functions of a broker, underwriter, and insurer.

VersOffice aspires to maintain high service standards: its speed of answer is under 40 seconds, with no information loss or data corruption. Customer calls are translated into the text format specified by the client company with the account of individual service rules

VersOffice used to employ a different cloud call center solution by a prominent Western vendor. The company’s top management, looking for ways to improve efficiency, including call processing time, met with SoftBCom representatives. The resulting decision was to deploy Noda Contact Center.

The majority of VersOffice requirements to the contact center management platform were covered by the standard settings of Noda Contact Center. The solution supports a blended model of inbound and outbound calls, e-mail and text message processing, individual schedules, multiple letter and text message templates, and automated messaging. Projects can be customized according to the individual rules of information processing, office hours, changes in the key employees’ schedules and other individual features of VerOffice client companies.

Agents employed by VersOffice have learnt their way around Noda CC interface very quickly. Due to the high degree of automation and the elimination of low-efficiency mechanical tasks, the call center managed to cut its average handle time practically by half.

VersOffice supervisors have received a set of convenient project management tools. The new solution allows them to customize both the softphone interface (the visual app that agents use) and the system logic, including ACD algorithms, agent knowledge and skill base and other campaign parameters.

Mikhail Chereshnev, Chief Marketing Officer for Contact Centers and Robotic Systems at NODA: “We see a stable demand for our solutions from banks, insurers, and microfinance companies. Last year, we implemented a number of projects for Promsvyazbank, OTP Bank, Tochka Bank, and several prominent insurance companies. Our products are in the highest demand in Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Implementation of Noda Contact Center in Germany is another proof of our global competitiveness.

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