Noda Contact Center Helps BelkaCar Bolster Customer Communications

BelkaCar, a Moscow-based car sharing company, has completed the modernization of its contact center. The new platform, Noda Contact Center, supports operations of 250 agents who can handle over 1000 calls simultaneously.

BelkaCar, one of the largest car sharing companies in Russia, helps to locate and rent cars in Moscow and Sochi with the help of a convenient mobile app, one of the best in its segment. Throughout its history, BelkaCar has heavily relied on modern technologies that guarantee high-quality service and quick response to customer feedback. Customers may need to contact the company on a variety of issues and topics: registration in the system, tariffs and rental rules, fines and actions required in case of road accidents, functioning of the mobile app, etc. Therefore, the company's contact center has to be accessible to customers around-the-clock.

As the car fleet and the number of registered BelkaCar users grew, so did the contact center's agent workload. The previous solution could no longer maintain the necessary level of reliability and failed to comply with the new requirements of flexibility and scalability. It became obvious that the company needed a new platform, which was subsequently designed and implemented on the basis of Noda Contact Center.

Key requirements to the new solution were high fault tolerance and rapid recovery in case of the contact center's downtime. All servers involved in call processing are backed up by redundant servers. In cases of the master server's hardware failure the redundancy server takes over all operations automatically.

Inbound calls can be handled both by live agents and in the IVR mode. The queue size is controlled automatically depending on the number of calls, estimated hold time, average speed of answer, time of day, etc. Agents can see the number of calls in the queue and the hold time of the earliest call. If the estimated hold time is too long, the system will automatically offer a call-back option or ask the customer to call later.

The agent interface has been designed for quick and easy call processing. Other advantages are the seamless integration of Noda Contact Center with other information systems of BelkaCar and well-designed conversation scripts for customer communication. Agents's scripts are split into sections by topic. The "Customer Info" section contains the caller's name, current status, membership account balance and the history of contacts. The "Registration Refusal" block has check boxes filled out by the agent. In the course of the conversation, if certain boxes have been checked (e.g. "Too few cars in a particular location", "Undesirable termination of rental location", etc.) the agent can add comments in the "Addition Info" section. Moreover there is a built-in supervisor assistance emergency button in the agent's softphone, which puts the supervisor on line in the whisper mode or allows to take the conversation over.

If the customer failed to complete the registration process, but provided their telephone number, the system will automatically plan an outbound call by a live agent, who will inform the customer that certain details need to be added to their member account, or will add these details manually. If this customer decides to call the contact center, the system will automatically open the caller's member card on the agent screen with the fields filled in previously. In this case, the planned outbound call task will be cancelled.

The Quality Management module which helps to automate the agents' performance assessment has a built-in balanced system of various KPIs for the "Inbound calls" and "Incomplete registration outbound calls" projects. For example, the KPI in the "Outbound call tasks fulfilled" category takes into account whether the purpose of or the reason for not completing the form have been stated; if the company has been presented; if objections have been taken care of; was a promo code offered, etc. BelkaCar is a Russian car sharing company operating in Moscow and Sochi which offers short-term rentals via its mobile application.

BelkaCar was launched as a startup by three co-founders: Ekaterina Makarova, Loriana Sardar and Elena Muradova.

They were consulted by a leading world car sharing expert Julian Espritu, a one-time executive of Zipcar. The company’s car fleets, one of the largest in the Russian car sharing industry, includes Kia Rio, Kia Rio X-Line, Mercedes-Benz CLA, Mercedes-Benz GLA, and Ford Fiesta models. The IT Products Lab of the Russian Quality Control Organization (Roskachestvo) has named BelkaCar mobile app the best in its category. Experts have concluded that BelkaCar app is the most convenient and easy-to-use, with its interface well-optimized for languages other than Russian, and has the best navigation feature.

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