EnergosbyT Plus Contact Center Migrates from Avaya to Noda Platform

NODA, the leading Russian vendor of intelligent systems and services, and EnergosbyT Plus energy company (part of T Plus Group) have completed the project of implementing Noda Contact Center communication platform at the energy company’s contact center.

With NODA technologies, the upgraded contact center which handles customer calls in 13 geographically dispersed branches has automated the processing of over 600,000 calls monthly, and its callers have received access to a convenient self-service tool.

The growing load on its contact center had prompted EnergosbyT Plus to search for a new solution with enhanced functionality for handling debt, as well as voice self-services that would allow callers to submit meter readings. The company faced a choice: to expand the functionality of Avaya and Asterisk solutions already in use or migrate to a totally new platform. Finally, the company opted for a Russian solution—Noda Contact Center, a solution already successfully implemented by other energy companies.

The new software makes it possible to automatically inform EnergosbyT Plus customers of their back payments without involving live agents in these routine operations. Each debtor's data is uploaded into the Noda system from third-party software integrated with the contact center. However, it is also possible to run outbound calling campaigns involving contact center agents.

The new system features a self-service module which allows to use voice bots for handling standard queries. Using the self-service, customers can submit their electricity and water meter readings and check their current account balance. Within the first month of its operation, the new contact center took down 33,000 meter reading in automated mode

EnergosbyT Plus plans to expand its contact center functionality by adding gas meter readings to the self-service options and by setting up separate services for individual and corporate customers. The solution will also be replicated in regional offices not included in the initial project.

EnergosbyT Plus (part of T Plus Group) is a Russian energy supplier with 13 regional branch offices across the Russian Federation. The company has the status of a default energy supplier, which means that it is obliged to provide electricity to any applying resident or corporate entity in the Sverdlovsk and Orenburg regions and the Udmurt Republic.

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