NODA Bot To Help Moscow Drivers Retrieve Their Tow-Away Cars

NODA has completed the first stage of its chatbot project for the Moscow Transport contact center hotline. A virtual assistant helps to track down tow-away vehicles and explains to owners how to get their cars back. The chatbot has been in operation for a month and has helped over 1000 car owners, processing 10% of all the inbound calls concerning tow-away vehicles.

Upon receiving the vehicle registration number, the virtual assistant built on the Noda Erudite AI platform searches the database and provides the caller with the date, time and reason for evacuation, as well as the address of the impoundment where the vehicle is kept. The bot also explains how to fill out and submit forms necessary for vehicle retrieval and what steps to take if the tow-away car is owned by someone else.

The virtual assistant has helped not only to reduce the workload of the contact center employees, but also to raise the standards of customer service. According to the Moscow City IT Department, the voice chatbot processes calls twice as fast as a live agent. 

"The Virtual assistant has been in operation for a month now, working for the Moscow Transport hotline in the pilot mode. The chatbot helps Moscow residents to get information on their vehicles much faster. Within the last month, about a thousand car owners, or 10 percent of callers, have already held conversations with the chatbot about their vehicles, " says Andrey Savitsky, Head of the Moscow City Contact Center .

The chatbot is expected to answer and process up to 100% of calls concerning tow-away vehicles in Moscow. At the same time, callers who wish to discuss additional or complicated issues will have the option to switch to a live agent.

Noda Erudite is a product which allows to implement voice and text chatbots in customer services. This AI platform features interfaces for all stages of robotization projects and offers tools to manage the bot, teach and update it, control its performance, and adjust its operations if necessary. NODA bots are already serving the customers of Russian Post, Promsvyazbank, Mosenergosbyt, Omsk RTS, Novosibirskenergosbyt, MosOblEIRTS, Energosbyt Plus, and other Russian companies.

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