NODA Bot Helps Novosibirsk Residents Manage Utility Bills

NODA's voice bot has been successfully installed at the contact center of Novosibirskenergosbyt, a large-scale Russian energy provider. The bot operating on the Noda Erudite AI-powered platform can receive meter readings, inform callers of their account balance and help with commissioning additional services. Since its launch, this virtual assistant has processed over 120,000 calls.

Noda Voice Bot can classify calls and record meter reading submitted by local residents in automated mode. It can also provide information on their account balance and the latest submitted readings.

If a caller chooses to submit meter readings while calling to learn their account balance, the bot makes adjustments and provides the updated account balance. Integration with the Sirena billing system makes it possible to identify callers by their address, account number or phone number. The bot is also equipped with a solution by the Speech Technology Center which helps recognize the caller's utterances.

The virtual assistant also handles requests for meter replacement or a certificate of no arrears. The bot monitors current cases, providing a date when the service is scheduled, and helps submit new requests by consulting on the types and cost of various services.

Since its launch at Novosibirskenergosbyt, the voice bot has processed over 120,000 inbound calls, with almost half of them referring to meter readings.

"The robotization of standard services and popular topics helps a contact center not only cope with monthly peak loads, when the majority of clients submit their meter readings simultaneously, but, on the whole, handle inbound calls quicker. Raising the speed of answer while retaining high call handling quality boosts customer experience and provides our company with a solid base for further growth" says Anna Marina, Head of Customer Services at Novosibirskenergosbyt.

The voice bot also handles B2B transactions: checks a company’s electricity account balance and answers frequently asked questions. After the call has been classified, the bot can instruct the caller on how to conclude a contract, recieve an invoice or an intercompany reconciliation report, and provides current tariffs and prices.

"Nnatural language processing and machine learning technologies, combined with deep understanding of digital services and contact center operations, allows us to create multipurpose voice bots that can classify inbound calls and render a wide range of popular services without involving live agents. These solutions have proved their efficiency - nowadays a chatbot in the contact center of an energy provider is becoming an industry standard, " says Andrey Zaitsev, Director of Contact Center and Robotics Department at NODA.

Voice and text bots developed by NODA are used to automate meter readings submission at Energosbyt Plus, MosOblEIRTS and Omsk RTS. NODA chatbots help Moscow drivers to trace their tow-away vehicles and Russian Post clients to track their parcels; they make automated calls to Mosenergosbyt debtors and handle B2B operations at Promsvyazbank.

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