Ingosstrakh Installs Noda WFM Solution to Optimize Workload Management

NODA has completed the installation of its Noda Workforce Management system in two contact centers of Ingosstrakh, one of the largest Russian insurance companies. The WFM solution provides both contact centers with high-precision workload forecasts and draws up automated schedules for over 300 agents distributed across five different locations.

The single Noda WFM installation provides two Ingosstrakh contact centers – for medical insurance and the one covering general issues – with parallel workforce management and flexible access rights.

The solution automatically calculates contact center workload on the basis of historical data for the number of calls and their handle time, taking into account the target figures of service level.

The project also included the integration of Noda WFM with the call center platform by Genesys, making it possible to transfer statistical data on voice channels, chats and email and use it for workload forecasts and online monitoring of agents’ activity.

Accurate predictions enable the WFM system to draw up working schedules for over 300 contact center agents at contact centers located in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk. The automated scheduling process, which requires no more than two minutes, takes into account group and individual working rules, agents’ skills, employment legislation requirements, and the targeted service level. Agents and supervisors have round-the-clock access to the schedule in their personal accounts that can be reached via a mobile app or browser. Whenever the schedule undergoes changes, the manager can send out text messages or push notifications in the app.

The interface visualizes the schedule on a day-specific basis and shows the periods of manpower shortage and excess, helping to balance working time distribution, raise agent performance and smooth out both the daily average and the overall service level. Using the Noda WFM planning module, the insurance company will be able to secure the current service level, minimizing the man-hours by at least 4-5% compared to former figures.

"Today, Noda WFM optimizes the operations of more than 17,000 agents working across various industries and companies. Our automated forecasting and planning tools, together with convenient interfaces, make workforce management less labour-consuming for contact center managers. The solution also allows to reach the desired economic targets: as a rule, the project pays off within a year of its operation, " notes Andrey Zaitsev, Director of Contact Center and Robotic Systems Department at NODA.

Noda monitoring and reporting modules make it possible to use the solution as an instrument of analysis and fast response to deviations in the schedule or service level. Real-time data harvesting and automated reporting facilitate profound understanding of customer service processes at contact centers, help to quickly optimize schedules in case of forecast deviations and record actual agent activity.


Ingosstrakh Insurance Company (, the leader among Russian insurers, has been operating on the international and domestic market since 1947.

Under the Russian insurance legislation, Ingosstrakh has the right to provide all types of property insurance, private medical insurance, accident and health insurance, as well as reinsurance. The company has offices in 251 Russian towns and cities and a number of rep offices in various foreign countries.

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