80% of Calls About Tow Away Cars Processed by NODA Chatbot

The virtual assistant at the Moscow Transport hotline helps Moscow residents to locate their tow-away vehicles and explains how the retrieve them from impoundments. Since April 2019, Noda Erudite voice bot has processed 12.5 thousand calls from car owners.

The chatbot developed by NODA for the Moscow Transport Contact Center hotline can search for vehicles towed away all across the city. The bot explains how and where you can file the necessary documents to retrieve your vehicle from the impoundment, depending on the reasons for evacuation. Currently, the chatbot processes about 80% of inbound calls to the hotline during working hours.

"The contact center continues to improve its virtual assistant, so that Moscow drivers can receive help even faster. Having studied the statistics, we came to the conclusion that almost a third of Moscow residents are already familiar with the tow-away procedure and don't need any explanations on retrieval procedure; all they want is to locate their car. Therefore, now the caller gets detailed vehicle retrieval instructions only after giving an affirmative answer to the bot's corresponding question. Thus, for 30% of callers the service has become more convenient, " says Andrey Savitsky, Head of the City Contact Center of the IT Department of Moscow Government.

In future, the virtual assistant will be able to take the total 100% of calls. When the vehicle is being retrieved by a third party or belongs to a car-sharing service, Moscow residents will have the opportunity to conact a live agent. 

"As machine-learning methods become more sophisticated and customers come to trust AI more and more, the range of business operations delegated to bots will keep growing. Today, thanks to the chatbot the help provided by the Moscow Transport Contact Center to car owners trying to locate their vehicles has become far more efficient. This is especially important in stressfull situations such as discovering that your car has been towed away, " notes Andrey Zaitsev, Director of Contact Center and Robotic Systems Department at NODA.

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