Sheremetyevo International Airport Hotline Switches to Noda Contact Center Platform

The Contact Center of Sheremetyevo International Airport named after Alexander Pushkin has completed its transfer to a new communication platform—Noda Contact Center. For some time, the airport's hotline had been struggling with a growing load of calls which the outdated solution by a foreign vendor was unable to cope with. Moreover, the vendor withdrew from the Russian market and stopped supporting the platform.

Meanwhile, the hotline workload kept growing, and the airport began struggling to keep up its target service level. The share of lost calls also increased, and there were no adequate tools for monitoring and control. Thus it was decided to modernize the contact center.

However, there was a condition the new platform was to meet: the solution had to undergo a test installation at the Sheremetyevo Airport IT Laboratory by the customer's own IT staff

Apart from NODA, two other solutions, AVAYA and Oktell, took part in the test run. The final choice of Noda Contact Center was to a large degree based on its compatibility with Linux OS, virtual environment included. Besides, Sheremetyevo employees, without any external assistance, were able to integrate Noda platform with third-party IT systems of the airport and to interconnect it with the current subscriber database used by the agents.

"The comparative test installations of various platforms helped us to make the best choice, " notes Sergey Krasilnikov, Head of office communications department of the Sheremetyevo Telecom Services. "Having considered all the pros and cons, we acquired a product that allows us to raise all our services to a new technological level and use this scalable platform for future development. "

Currently, the Sheremetyevo Contact Center used Noda functionality to process inbound voice calls.

The project also involved integration of Noda Contact Center and the airport's local telephone network.

Corporate information resources used by Sheremetyevo Contact Center agents have been incorporated into the embedded knowledge base. As all information resources are now available to the agents in a single working window, the average call handling time has been significantly reduced.

The project has also boosted the overall efficiency of the contact center agents performance control. Noda platform features a remote access to agent desktops, enables to monitor the average speed of answer and the share of lost calls, as well as customize automated reporting on the basis of specific criteria.


Sheremetyevo, a Russian international airport of federal importance and one of the four main Moscow airports, has the largest passenger flow among all the airports in Russia. Sheremetyevo is one of the ten biggest European airports and one of the fifty busiest airports in the world. In the first half of 2019, the airport's passenger flow reached 23,404,000, exceeding the corresponding figure for 2018 by 14.1%. During this period, the airport hosted 188,346 takeoffs and landings.

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