NODA Technologies Help Moscow Authorities Launch COVID-19 Hotline in 12 Hours

With COVID-19 pandemic raging all across the globe, Moscow City IT Department has managed in record time to deploy a contact center dealing coronavirus detection, symptoms and occurrence.

The contact center has the capacity of 200 workstations; it has been deployed in a school gym on Khodynsky Bouevard in northern Moscow.

It took NODA experts only 12 hours to implement and set up Noda Contact Center platform. Agents began taking calls from Moscow residents as early as March 4. Contact center agents answer a wide range of questions on COVID-19 and accept sick list applications from travelers returning from countries with adverse epidemiological situation.

Within the first week of operating on Noda Contact Center platform, the hotline agents processed about 29 thousand calls and filled over 10 thousand questionaries. Sick lists being are issued by 25 public health workers from Moscow clinics who work in cooperation with the contact center. The sick lists are delivered to the quarantined Muscovites by a delivery service. This sick list procedure has been in place since April 1.

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