Rostelecom's Telemarketing Successfully Changes Over to Remote Use of Noda Contact Center Platform

Rostelecom has transferred its telemarketing staff across multiple Russian regions to telework mode in the shortest time. What enabled over 900 Rostelecom agents to work from home was NODA technologies.

NODA engineers together with Rostelecom experts had developed a range of solutions, including web-based applications, to securely connect the company's teleworking employees to corporate systems. After tesiting all the solutions, Noda SoftPhone app for home PCs connected to the corporate IT systems via VPN was chosen as the best option. This connection scheme guarantees the user a secure access to a complete workplace feature set.

Remote agents, having established a VPN connection to Noda Contact Center, get a secure access to the company's internal business systems used to process contacts in outbound telemarketing; e.g. to canvas potential customers and offer them high-speed Internet access, Wink multimedia streaming service and other Rostelecom products.

During a conversation with a customer, text instructions pop up in the Noda SoftPhone working window, including conversation scripts and links to additional information. To maintain a high quality standard, all conversations of remote staff are recorded to be later analyzed by supervisors and quality control specialists.

Besides, all the actions by remote agents are recorded in the statistics module which allows to trace the time they have spent in the system, the number of processed calls, the results of the calls, etc.

"It was very important for us to modify our telemarketing as quickly as possible, to keep in step with the situation in the country and the world in general. Given the great number of our employees and sites all across Russia, the task was ambitious indeed. The professionalism of both Rostelecom and NODA IT blocks, as well as the well-established technologies of our partners enabled us to transfer over a half of our staff to telework. The tools in our possession allow our telemarketing specialists to work from home as efficiently as they did from the office, " said Kirill Kiselev, Telemarketing Director at Rostelecom Corporate Sales Center.

"We are witnessing a steady growth of demand for remote work solutions from telecom providers, banks, and outsourced contact centers, " notes Andrey Zaitsev, Director of Contact Center and Robotic Systems Department at NODA. "In our turn, being a vendor, we do our best to produce a favorable offer. For instance, all the calls to out technical support concerning setting up remote workstations are free-of-charge and given the highest priority. Moreover, we have developed guidelines that enable our customers to deploy remote workstations for their staff in the shortest possible time. "


Rostelecom, as Russia's largest provider of digital solutions and services, caters for millions of households, state-run organizations and private businesses.

Rostelecom is the national leader in broadband Internet access and PayTV markets. The company has over 13.2 million of broadband Internet users and 10.4 million PayTV users, with over 5.6 million using the "Interactive TV" service.

Rostelecom is a prominent player on the market of telecommunications services to Russian governmental and corporate customers of all levels.

Rostelecom is a widely recognized technology leader offering innovative solutions in e-government, cyber security, DC and cloud computing services, healthcare, education, housing and utilities services.

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