Noda WFM Helps Avon Contact Center Automate Schedule Planning

The world-famous cosmetics company Avon has transferred the planning and workforce management processes of its contact center in Russia to Noda WFM platform.

NODA solution has helped the company cut the time spent on managing human resources and enabled it to predict the agents' workload with a 90 percent precision.

The system, which builds automated schedules for 70 agents of Avon Contact Center, takes account of the Russian labour rules and requirements. Flexible planning and customized day-off distribution have eliminated manual scheduling completely.

"Avon opts for digitalization; we try to choose new technologies that boost business efficiency, " said Marina Svetsova, Senior Service Manager at Avon Russia. "Before we switched to Noda WFM, shift planning for contact center agents was done manually using spreadsheets. Now we can plan work processes at the contact center more accurately and efficiently manage data on inbound calls. "

Collaboration with NODA has enabled the company to raise the accuracy of its agent workload predictions to 90 percent. Noda WFM uses historical data to forecast the volume of interactions with the contact center and to build the most optimal work schedule. It is possible to monitor real occupancy online and in punctuality reports, which stimulates employees to act more responsibly towards their work processes. The system features additional management tools for agents: employees can plan their own schedules, ask for days off or swap shifts with colleagues. The project has helped the company to reduce the amount of various scheduling software products and has made interactions between agents and supervisors more swift and easy.

"Contact center agents need some encouragement to constantly improve their skills. When they are successful, they feel their own relevance and involvement, " says Roman Belyaev, Head of WFM Solutions. "Noda WFM platform is not just a planning and optimization tool—it is also a way to boost the employees' loyalty and encourage them to grow, which is especially important when they work remotely. "


Avon is an international cosmetics company founded in 1886 and represented in more than 50 world countries. The business includes company-owned manufacturing facilities, supply chains, distribution centers and a global Innovation Center where new products are created. Avon first came to Russia in 1992. Today it is the leader of Russian beauty products market with a 99% brand recognition.

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