NODA Technologies Help Process 180, 000 Calls to COVID-19 Helpline in Krasnoyarsk Region

In spring 2020, the Center for Informational Technologies of the Krasnoyarsk Region launched a round-the-clock COVID-19 helpline on the basis of a Russian solution, Noda Contact Center.

Within the first five months of its operation, the helpline which integrates specialists from various government bodies processed about 180,000 calls from the local residents.

The solution reroutes calls from IVR to specialists from different agencies who answer calls on particular issues. The helpline consists of 56 agents of the main contact center, as well as employees of the regional health, economic development, social and pension governing bodies. Callers can also get legal advice or psychological help. During peak loads, call processing requires up to 120 agents and specialists. While filling out call forms, agents can use the call rerouting button to readdress the call to a relevant specialist. The forms also contain data on the working hours of each group of agents and a form for recording call results.

The most frequently asked questions, e.g those concerning self-quarantine rules, electronic passes and volunteering, are processed through IVR which relieves live agents from answering standard questions. After greeting the caller, IVR suggests they choose one of the sections in the main menu: current coronavirus restrictions, social support opportunities, calling a doctor, getting a prescription, etc.

The system features a reporting tool which can show how many calls have been rerouted to each group of agents, making it easier to analyze the helpline's performance. It also generates a unified report on inbound calls which incorporates the data on the number of inbound calls, lost calls and processed calls for a given period, as well as the data on call duration and average hold time.

"In a very short time, together with our colleagues we managed to launch a large-scale contact center which employs dozens of specialists from various government agencies. Analytics reports help us to forecast the load on networks, agents and specialists and process thousands of calls during peak load periods. Although right now the load has fallen significantly compared to when we started, the contact center continues its operation, " says Nikolai Raspopin, Minister for Digital Development of the Krasnoyarsk Region.

Within several month of the helpline's operation, the most common topic covered was medical issues (over 100,000 calls). Over 35,000 calls were processed by agents of the main contact center. Some 23,000 calls were about volunteering, and another 12,000 callers inquired about social support.

"This is not the first case when regional authorities choose our platform to launch COVID-19 helpline. The key factor is that our system can be deployed is a very short time using almost any hardware, " says Andrey Zaitsev, Director of Contact Center and Robotic Systems Department at NODA. "For instance, when it became necessary for the Moscow authorities to launch a helpline, we managed to set up 200 workstations in just 12 hours. "

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