NODA Technologies Help Gazprombank to Make Forecasts, Manage Workload

NODA has successfully completed its project of building a unified dispatching and workforce management system for Gazprombank to speed up call routing.

The new solution based on Noda Service Management Platform and Noda Workforce Management helps make accurate workload forecasts, distribute tasks efficiently and optimize scheduling for employees of geographically distributed offices.

Gazprombank's unified workforce management system stores and verifies workforce data. Automated schedule planning accounts for the employees' qualifications and skills, their location, time zone, work schedules, workload requirements, as well as the proper level of service. When all these parameters are taken into account, it helps optimize workload distribution among employees. The schedule and task list are accessible to the bank’s employees on the self-service portal 24/7.

Due to its vast integration possibilities, the new system has been seamlessly incorporated into the existing IT infrastructure, and exchanges data with the bank's internal systems. Queries are created on the Noda SMP platform and go through their full life cycle till they are fulfilled or rejected. The platform also serves as a source of statistical data on the number of queries, their type and labor input for Noda WFM system which uses the data to forecast the future needs for resources and build automated work schedules.

Noda WFM subsystem is integrated with the HR management system, constantly updating information about an employee’s position, skills, work experience, planned and actual attendance and absence.

Basing on the available data and workflow predictions, the unified workforce management system of Gazprombank automatically calculates the volume of resources and compiles an optimized work schedule.

"This digital platform helps cut down the labour costs of managing the process of dispatching loan applications. Smart routing algorithms that account for the employees' competencies and skills allow the bank to optimize the use of its workforce, assigning employees to relevant tasks in relevant time slots, " says Roman Belyaev, Head of NODA WFM Solutions. "Compared to the traditional "hands-on" approach to task management, we find this method much more efficient. It holds a huge potential both for Gazprombank and for the market in general. "

"Traditionally, banking is one of the most digitally sophisticated spheres, " notes Dmitry Rubin, NODA Director for IT&Services Automation. "Cutting-edge, fault-tolerant solutions aimed at raising operational efficiency is what banks want in the first place. We are happy with the results brought about by our joint effort. "


Gazprombank (Joint Stock Company) is one of the largest multi-faceted financial institutions in Russia, providing a wide range of banking, financial, investment products and services to corporate and private customers, financial institutions, institutional and private investors. The bank is one of the three largest banks in Russia by all major indicators and ranks third in the list of banks in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of equity.

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