Over 80% of GRAN Contact Center Agents Transferred to Remote Work On Noda WebPhone App

GRAN, one of the largest outsourced contact centers in Russia, has successfully transferred its agents to remote work using NODA technologies.

GRAN agents connect to Noda Contact Center platform using Noda WebPhone web app that can be opened in a browser and does not require installing any software on the employees' personal computers. This setup makes it unnecessary to manage remote workplaces installed on various PCs with various operating systems and home networks

GRAN Contact Center has been operating on the Noda Contact Center platform since its launch in 2006. The company lists some of the leading Russian banks, retailers, and telecom providers among its key clients. When anti-COVID measures were imposed, this called for a quick response to the new circumstances. GRAN had already had the experience of using Noda WebPhone for its remote agents, so transferring all its 11 contact center sites to remote work was carried out seamlessly and did not affect the company’s business processes.

Tatyana Rubina, GRAN Operational Director says: "In this situation it was vital for us to readjust in the shortest possible time so that none of our clients suffer. NODA technologies helped us to switch to remote work on the go. Although WebPhone lacks some of the functions of a stationary office workplace, our clients' experience has not changed."

"We expect WebPhone to become the main instrument of a contact center agent, therefore we have focused our efforts on developing new functions in this area, " says Andrey Zaitsev, Director of Contact Center and Robotic Systems Department at NODA. "In our next release, we will provide tools for processing text channels, autoresponse and post-call evaluation for IVR. Next year, WebPhone will accomodate videoconferencing and joint browsing.


GRAN Contact Center, one of the largest outsoursed call centers in Russia and the CIS, encompasses 10 sites totalling 2,100 agents in Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. It is one of the top-5 outsourced contact centers revenue-wise.

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