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Over the years Noda has demonstrated the most noticeable development among the top three leaders in the CIS, its rate of growth leaving behind CISCO, AVAYA, and Genesys. At present, every 4th outsourcing call centre in Russia uses Noda Contact Center. High rates of growth are possible thanks to active collaboration with partners and development of the Noda Contact Center product. Today over 70 companies in Russia and in countries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the APAC region have become our partners. The geography of Noda’s partner network is constantly broadening. Why is it profitable to be a partner of Noda?

An excellent product!

Partnership with Noda means collaborating with an actively growing vendor which vigourously develops its own product. For more than 10 years, Noda Interaction Platforms has specialized in the development of a series of software for call centre automation. Over 300 call centres in Russia and in countries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the APAC region have become our customers. At present, the road map of the product is planned 7 years in advance. Detailed planning of new features is carried out with a 2-year forecast.

Maximum presence

Noda’s regional promotion policy is full and maximum immersion in the local market. This is why the regional sales team is made up of local sales and presales specialists. In addition, Noda actively invests in maintaining close relations with local associations and the business community. Particular attention is paid to marketing activities and to developing guidance materials on the local market which allow local partners to efficiently close their deals with regard for local specifics.

Competitive pricing policy. Price, price, price

We know about the rule of 3P (price, price, price). And we are convinced that excellent price and performance make the product significantly more affordable than its brand-name counterparts. We offer a transparent and clear licensing procedure. Noda offers various sales models, including the progressive format of an on-premise based solution in a pay per use format.

Technical support here and now

We invest a lot of time and effort in creating an excellent line of technical support for our partners and customers. Noda has its own staff of engineers in the APAC region (Manila, the Philippines), who provide immediate services to Noda's partners. In addition, the Noda development center in Yekaterinburg has a time difference from Manila/Singapore of -2 hours, which means that many issues can be resolved within 1 business day.

Profitable partner model

Partnership with Noda is an opportunity to offer your customers a high quality product while saving on partnership margins. In conjunction with the pricing policy targeted at the average, most extensive price bracket, Noda’s partners acquire a guaranteed source of profit.

We are pleased to offer our partners the following options

  • Discounts of up to 50% on software, depending on sales volume
  • Сo-funding of marketing activities
  • A complete set of marketing and sales documentation
  • Training and certification of technicians
  • Training of salespeople
  • Technical support for partners during presale, sale and implementation

Include Noda Contact Center in your own product portfolio! Let’s grow together!

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