Andrey Zaytsev
Andrey has been with Naumen from 2001. He has been sales and project manager in dozens Naumen's projects for call centers. In 2012, Andrey became CEO of Noda. Andrey has expertise on both the vendor side and the various challenges that BPO managers regularly face.

Mikhail Chereshnev
Chief Business Officer, APAC
Mikhail has more than 10 years  experience in B2B sales and marketing. In portfolio he has a wide experience of working with such international IT giants as Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Hewlett, Oracle, 1C, Novel, APC etc.

Anton Patrushev
Co-Founder & CTO
Anton Patrushev has over 10 years experience in developing Noda Contact Center solution. Anton manages team of more than 30 software developers and engineers to create all-in-one Noda Contact Center solution.

Alexey Sadovsky
Sales Director EMEA
Alexey Sadovsky has worked in the call center industry since 2004, beginning his career as an implementation engineer at Noda before becoming a project manager. For the last few years he has worked as the director of the sales and call center promotion department in the EMEA region.

Maria Vetoshkina
Director of the service center
Maria Vetoshkina has been in the call center industry since 2006, when she began work as a Noda implementation engineer. She later became the director of an engineering group and is currently the director of the service center.

Alexey Gusev
Product Manager

Alexey started his career with Noda, joining as an analyst in 2002. During his tenure as project manager for ten years, more than 50 projects were completed successfully. In 2012, he became a product manager in order to work on development plans for the product Noda Contact Center.

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