Historically speaking, NODA has always been widely represented in the outsourcing contact center segment: according to a Cnews 2013 report, every fourth outsourcing contact center in Russia uses it. That level of popularity is explained by the product’s combination of reliability, developed functionality, and reasonable TCO.

Each new release of the platform builds on close relationships with clients to conform ever more closely to the industry’s needs. Many contact centers using NODA have multiplied their capabilities many times over, including Gran, which went from 50 operators in 2006, when cooperation began, to 820. Another example, New Contact, went from 20 operators to 950 in three years.

Processing incoming calls

Just about every outsourcing call center has a number of incoming projects in its portfolio that require hot lines, a tech support service, reception, and more. This project type is generally characterized by a large number of calls coming in daily and unplanned loads at peak hours, something that piles on reliability requirements. NODA offers the following tools to help effectively handle incoming projects:

  • A hot backup system and server duplication that provides uninterrupted operation even during peak hours
  • Smart routing and call switching, including automatically switching operators from one project to another, all of which boosts operator utilization
  • Reports for each contact type that enable managers to quickly identify why unusual load spike occur and quickly regain control of the situation
  • Reporting on reasons for switching to a second tech support line in order to trim the expenses that entails
  • Convenient scripts and knowledge bases, with all necessary information displayed in a single window that streamlines call processing
  • A combined history of contacts with clients across all channels, providing retention and the ability to transfer all information received during a call to another operator while making it unnecessary for clients to repeat themselves each time they are switched to another line

Processing outgoing calls

Outsourcing contact centers handle up to 50 outgoing projects at any given time. Every one of them is unique, requiring time to customize so as to meet client requirements. At the same time, clients more and more often require a fast start. With NODA the speed with which campaigns are launched depends not on their technical aspects, but only on the time it takes to select and train operators. Noda Contact Center offers the following tools for effective management of outgoing projects:

  • Different types of outgoing calls (predictive, progressive, and manual)
  • A convenient script builder that facilitates immediate release of new campaign that meet a wide variety of client requirements and requests without the involvement of IT specialists
  • A personal account for clients that offers web access to online contact center statistics and reporting in any format
  • Call recordings available for playback by clicking on links in reports
  • Recording filtration by a number of parameters: operator, phone number, client, call time, call duration, call topic, and specific words (if speech analysis systems are integrated)
  • The ability to quickly edit and add to knowledge bases
  • Integration with external client systems (CRM, websites, billing, ABS, and others)
  • Automated outgoing calls—the experience outsourcing contact centers such as IQ Line, Magellan Solutions, Positive Contact, and others have had with the solution has shown that using our automated calling algorithms in predictive mode can boost the outgoing project revenue by 30-40%

Reasonable total cost of ownership

NODA’s licensing policy stands in stark contrast to its closest western competitors: setting up Noda Contact Center requires no special equipment or server programs. The platform can also run on any open source software, including Oracle Linux, Ubuntu, and PostgreSQL. According to information gleaned from NODA clients, each 100 operators requires on average a support team made up of only one IT specialist. The simple and intuitive interface lends itself to handling the majority of standard tasks at the user level without bringing in programmers, cutting maintenance costs.

Fast operator growth

It is imperative that outsourcing contact centers have the ability to quickly expand their capabilities, including by hooking up remote operators, to meet the needs of projects that require additional resources. Noda Contact Center offers the ability to do so gradually or all at once. In 2011 New Contact, for instance, added 100 additional operators in the space of two weeks.

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