Financial & Insurance

Since NODA’s inception it has worked closely with the banking sector, being used by leading banks in Russia and abroad: SKB-Bank, OTP Bank, Moscow Industrial Bank, Rosgosstrakh Bank, Tinkoff Credit Systems, Tatfondbank, RUSSLAVBANK (CONTACT BANK), Royal Credit Bank, Uralprivatbank, Primsotsbank, and My Bank (Russia); Belgazprombank, Belrosbank, and MTBank (Belarus); Alfa-Bank, Nurbank, and Tsesnabank (Kazakhstan); and the International Bank of Azerbaijan, among others.

Russian and foreign studies have shown that the financial sector is characterized by higher standards for long-distance service. According to data drawn from a study into the availability of phone services at Russian banks (a study NODA runs every year), in 2013 67% of calls were answered by an operator within 90 seconds. The banks built on Noda Contact Center were able to boost those numbers to 80-90% of calls answered within 20-30 seconds.

Noda Contact Center provides a set of tools sufficient for all standard business processes employed by contact centers in the banking industry.

Incoming support for clients

With Noda Contact Center you can process incoming calls faster and at a higher level of quality. Calls are distributed taking into account client priority, skill groups, service level, and inquiry topic. Summary reporting draws attention to anything out of the ordinary, such as IVR losses, long wait times, or unusual conversation lengths.

After a client is identified, the operator’s software phone automatically opens a card that features everything that operator needs to know: contact information; information about bank products like loans, investment, and payment cards; an all-inclusive history of interaction with that client that covers all channels; information on the IVR branch the call came through; as well as comments and notes. If the call is handed off to another specialist, the client’s card (with the entire past interaction history) is handed off as well to ensure that the client does not have to repeatedly describe his or her problem.

Convenient knowledge bases make it easier to obtain reference materials and consultations on loans terms. If an incoming inquiry is in reference to the use of products or services, all necessary information from external systems is pulled up in the integrated work window. That keeps the operator from the necessity of repeatedly logging in to obtain information as well as keeping a host of programs open on his or her desktop.

The graphical IVR builder facilitates quickly sending defined sets of incoming inquiries to be self-serviced, relieving up to 70% of the contact center’s operator load. You can look over IVR usage reports to streamline the menu and make it even more convenient and understandable for clients.


Noda Contact Center’s call-back algorithms boost the effectiveness of large-scale collection calls, adding a way to play back voice messages and also the ability to use non-voice communication channels (fax, email, and SMS). Contact lists can be downloaded from any external system, with the resulting statistics upload back after the calls wrap up. Predictive mode enables the system to recognize answering and fax machines, routing only calls with real users to operators. The all-inclusive interaction history for debtors facilitates better monitoring of agreements that have been reached. Operators can set call-back assignments for themselves to occur on the necessary day and time.

Verifying client information

In the interests of providing a procedure for verifying the information provided when applying for a loan, with Noda Contact Center every client contact can be linked with the contact information of employers, relatives, or sponsors. Having that information on hand helps ascertain that a borrower is creditworthy.


You can use Noda Contact Center to improve how fast you kick off campaigns supporting the launch of new banking products. The convenient script builder lets production engineers create new marketing campaigns in all of 20 minutes without bringing in IT specialists. An individualized script to be automatically displayed on operators’ software phones can be developed for each client group. Detailed reporting with links to conversation recordings makes it easy to understand why offers are declined and use that information to adjust your script.

Experience our solution for banks!

You can be sure that Noda Contact Center’s tools work, as we provide a ready, working set free of charge that features five business scenarios aimed at the banking sector:

1. Loyalty evaluation (questionnaires with automatic selection quotas meeting set parameters)
2. Processing inquiries regarding higher credit limits
3. SoftCollection (managing parameters for automatic collection calls)
4. Credit and deposit checks (with the ability to connect knowledge bases)
5. Department and ATM checks (with the ability to automatically update data)

You operators will be able to get started with Noda Contact Center the very day the package is delivered!

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