Internet Stores and Retailers

NODA solutions are in place and in active use at many internet stores and retail chains.

From an internet store’s point of view, with all its peculiarities, Noda Contact Center’s technological maturity, reasonable prices, and wide range of functionality stand out. Every year the product pulls in multiple professional awards, among which are the Crystal Headset, Product of the Year, and Integration Project of the Year. The system supports up to 5,000 operators working simultaneously 24x7x365, all with 99.999% guaranteed availability. Of all Noda Contact Center’s many functions (more than 12 mutually integrated modules) for internet stores, the Quality Management (for effective control of service quality) and Omni-Channel (for a single contact processing queue that brings together websites, phone, email, SMS, Skype, and more) modules bear particular mention.

To illustrate the solution’s advantages, let’s look at its abilities in the context of simplified order processing at an internet store.

Processing incoming orders, boosting conversion rates

Sometimes clients send orders for the same product to several stores at the same time, actually purchasing from the one that responds fastest. That means that the faster your operators get in touch with clients, the higher probability you have of landing sales. NODA gives you the chance to make outgoing calls to numbers indicated in orders while taking into account the time an order was made and for what amount (prioritizing larger purchases). If an operator contacts a client and that client cannot talk right then, the operator can postpone the call to a set time, with the system automatically calling the client back at the correct date and time.

Clarifying order details

When contacting a client who has submitted an application, the complete order card is automatically opened in front of the operator. If errors are discovered or the terms and deadline for delivery need to be changed, the operator can make the necessary corrections directly in the software phone browser. If a phone call cannot be made, the operator can send an email or SMS with an invitation to visit a personal account on the site in order to confirm the details of an order.

Online consultation

When clients happen across an internet store, they are not always able to independently figure everything out and find the products they are looking for. To handle those situations NODA provides fast operator feedback across all channels, including web chat, calls from the site, and requests for calls to an indicated number. Operators can take that opportunity to connect to clients’ computer screens to help guide them through the site. All product information (detailed descriptions of product positions, existing modifications and substitutes, and warehouse availability) is displayed directly in the operator’s work window, streamlining the search for and selection of products.

Monitoring order fulfillment

Orders must be quickly and accurately filled after confirmation. NODA facilitates this by boosting control quality, providing fast and easy communication between everyone involved in the service process: operators, dispatchers, stockmen, remote warehouse operators, and couriers. When integrated with an order processing system, clients can use the contact center to check on the status of their orders at any time. The system is great for setting up automated email or SMS notifications regarding order status changes. The same tools automate follow-up evaluations.

Working with claims

Sometimes it happens that clients are unhappy with the quality of a purchased product or its delivery: it may be damaged during transit or unloading, or there may be a factory defect. Quality claims are submitted via different channels (phone, site, email, social networks, etc.) and every internet store has to be able to keep up with current regulations for processing them. NODA does a great job simplifying that business process, with all claims (coming in from different channels) funneled into a single queue. When talking with a client, the operator’s work window displays the correct dialogue script containing a list of required answers and actions. A convenient knowledge base simplifies searches for normative documents, and operators can find and email return and replacement forms to clients while talking with them.

Analyzing reasons for refusal

Sometimes clients decide not to make an order, and boosting conversion rates requires understanding why. You can use the convenient conversation script builder to create a form your operators will use to list all possible reasons. Analyzing that list of consolidated statistics will help you quickly get to the bottom of what is going on and what you need to do to in order to fix the problem by giving you an understanding of the human factor—how your operators work better. As well, listening to conversation recordings shows you how well your operators are following instructions: how they handle problems and objections in addition to whether they offer clients alternative products.

Integrated abilities

The platform’s integrated abilities make working with your site as well as inventory, logistics, CRM, and other systems easy, as lately more and more NODA clients have used the integrated window feature. A single interface for working with multiple applications at the same time lets operators focus completely on client service as opposed to being distracted by multiple programs.

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