From prevention to early collection stages

In the interests of cutting back on debt in arrears, a wide range of preventative measures are currently employed: SMS distribution lists, emailed reminders of expiring deadlines for debt payments, IVR reminders, and sometimes voice calls.

Afterward comes soft collection, an early stage that features the heavy use of remote channels for interacting with debtors and different strategies and operational scripts developed for different groups of clients and loans offerings. For example, collecting from a student often requires nothing more than just warning that parents will soon be informed, while other clients are informed of the additional expenses that come with a poor credit history.

How can Noda Contact Center help?

Noda Contact Center offers a set of tools that are particularly effective at the soft collection stage, though they also prove useful at other stages:

  • Automated calling in predictive mode that makes it easier to call a large number of debtors
  • Operations over a variety of channels (voice, fax, email, and SMS)
  • Dialogue scripts that streamline operator responsibilities and exclude the possibility of missing some content blocks
  • Automatic selection of an operational script for each client/product segment
  • Quality control module that helps monitor scripts and other operator parameters such as tone and manner
  • Full interaction history that displays agreements reached and illustrates the interaction methods used (as well as how correctly they were used)
  • Link to a database of debtor relatives and sponsors with the ability to call them
  • Automatic transfer of incoming calls from debtor numbers to the soft collection department
  • IVR usage that automatically informs of debt in arrears

Noda Contact Center advantages

Two main aspects make Noda Contact Center the best choice for working with overdue accounts.

Technically speaking, the solution is flexible to the extent that it is easy to embed into existing infrastructure, as Noda Contact Center can be used with any other informational system. You can upload and download debtor contact information and export reports detailing the results of calls made.

Economically speaking, the solution opens the door to several methods for streamlining expenses.

Many companies employ high-priced solutions sold by well-known western developers and requiring recurring license payments, while the automated outgoing call function is generally licensed separately and often demands significant investment. Implementing Noda Contact Center for soft collection frees up licenses for use in other departments.

NODA’s licensing plan stands in stark contrast to its closest western competitors: setting up Noda Contact Center requires no special equipment or server programs. Work stations can employ Windows, Linux, or MacOS, while servers are also free to run Linux.

As NODA clients are well aware, all it generally takes to support 100 operators is a single IT specialist. The simple and intuitive interface lends itself to handling the majority of standard tasks at the user level without bringing in programmers, cutting maintenance costs.

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