Solutions based on the Noda platform are used by over 50 telecommunication companies in Russia and abroad: InterZet, Qwerty, Altegro Sky, WestСall, AKADO-Stolitsa, Matrix Telecom, Comstar-Direct, Gars Telecom, Audiotele, Synterra Ural, Vainah Telecom, HeliosNet, Moldtelecom, Volia, and others.

Noda Contact Center’s integration at the contact center for Moldova’s national telecom operator (Moldtelecom) was awarded a Crystal Headset in 2014.

The solution offers increased fault tolerance and includes everything a contact center might need, meaning its users do not have to purchase multiple systems and later deal with integrating them.

Stability at peak loads

A network operator receives thousands of calls every day that need to be distributed differently. Thanks to its failure-resistant architecture, Noda Contact Center maintains smooth operation even during extreme peak hours for incoming contacts. The system’s architecture balances loads experienced by its primary components, also including a hot backup, while the emergency notification service quickly reports on situations that require attention from a system administrator.

Processing incoming inquiries

The first contact a client makes with an internet provider generally occurs within the first 20 days after hookup, meaning that a poor first experience leads to a rejection rate of around 80-85%. The first thing clients note is how long it takes to connect to an operator. Noda Contact Center provides a convenient wait period: for instance, clients of one major internet provider using the solution experience an average wait time that lasts all of 15 seconds. Calls are distributed based on choices made in the IVR menu, taking into account operator availability and skill. Constant feedback on incoming calls keeps that indicator under tight control. When a call is handed off to a second tech support line, all information about the user and his or her problem goes along with it. The client therefore does not have to repeatedly explain the reason for the contact, and following the call is automatically rerouted to the IVR menu for service quality evaluation.

Given that incoming traffic is distributed in waves (most clients call at about the same time), telecom companies must have an advanced IVR self-service system. Your production engineers can use the convenient graphical IVR builder to quickly create new branches and menu points without involving IT specialists. This tool comes in handy when large-scale problems occur, necessitating that clients be informed. Reports on IVR usage help you make your menu more convenient for clients, resulting in greater demand. One network operator used Noda Contact Center tools to push 40% of incoming inquiries to the IVR without using any operators. Subscribers can use the IVR to independently set up their internet connection.

Single window and integration with external systems

The majority of incoming inquiries for network operator call centers require the use of external systems like Service Desk, Billing, and CRM. Noda Contact Center offers a wide array of integrated tools that facilitate interaction with those external systems. The solution can be set up so as to pull up all necessary client information in a single window: connected services, balance, recent payments, open client incidents, and popular problems potentially experienced by the client. That saves service time, boosting the number of inquiries satisfied after their first contact and personalizing interaction with your clients.


Once Noda Contact Center is integrated with a billing system, up-to-date information on debtors will be displayed in the operator’s integrated window. The system makes it possible to launch automatic calls informing as to the size and maturity date of existing debt and send out debt notifications via SMS or email. In addition, your operators can independently make calls using the “one click” form that is linked to the number of the debtor.

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