Bank Call Centers

Among Noda’s clients there is a group of bank call centers that mainly work in retail banking. In particular, the remote client services for Russlavbank, the Royal Credit Bank, and Uralprivatbank are based on the Noda Contact Center platform. The technology we use allows us to manage the level of service offered to different types of customers, minimize the risk of missed calls, optimize work with debtors, improve customer loyalty, and increase sales of banking products and services.

To ensure a rich culture of communication with clients, banks need tools to regularly monitor call center agents. Noda Contact Center allows clients to listen in on all conversations and receive detailed statistics on the performance of each agent (the number of received calls, the total time spent communicating with clients, the number of calls interrupted by clients and agents [who hung up first], etc.).

Our solutions for banks include a set of tools for creating interactive voice response (IVR) menus that significantly reduce (by 60–70%) the load placed on call center agents and facilitate the processing of standard queries, such as card blocking, account balance inquiries, information about the status of a loan account and the date of the next payment on the loan, etc.

The platform allows users to establish reception and transmission of data from external systems (ABS, CRM, Service Desk, etc.) and ensure uniform identification with Active Directory, interoperability with workforce management systems, and integration with billing systems.                                        

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