Call Centers For Communications Operators

More than 50 solutions for the call centers of telecommunications companies are built on the Noda platform.

Two hundred seventy-five work places at the InterZet internet service provider (link) call center are automated using our solution.   The InterZet call center simultaneously receives more than six hundred calls at peak hours. Before implementing our solution a significant number of calls were lost or went unanswered due to the long wait times.  After implementation of our solution the average wait time for an agent was reduced to 15 seconds.  During the call center’s high traffic periods up to 20% of inbound calls are automatically routed to IVR, reducing the load placed on agents.

Another example is the AUDIOTELE call center, the first licensed service operator of the Russian smart communications network and a company that owns the numbering capacities of 8-800-505, 8-809-505, and 8-803-505 codes. The AUDIOTELE call center processes up to 50% of inbound calls with IVR.

Using our solutions, the Matrix Telecom call center processes more than 3,000 inbound and 800 outbound calls daily, while the CENTEL (Central Telegraph) call center receives more than 40,000 calls monthly, with the average time spent waiting for an agent not exceeding 15 seconds.

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