Call Centers For Tourism and Recreation

The Noda Contact Center platform allows its users to automate specific tasks of travel agency, hotel chain, hotel, sanatorium, boarding house, and tour operator call centers.  With our solutions users can optimize room reservations, vacation package processing, tour and plane tickets sales, and excursion organization.  The platform provides simultaneous receiving and processing of more than 2,000 inbound calls and is ideal for call centers with a geographically distributed structure.

In particular, the distributed call center for the Russian division of Amadeus, the operator of the largest international reservation system in travel and tourism, is automated based on Noda Contact Center.  To serve customers from Russia, Belarus, and Armenia, the company used the resources of two independently operating call centers located in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

After implementation of our solution, all Amadeus agents in Russia serve a common call queue no matter where they are located geographically. Thanks to this, call processing speeds have increased by 20%.  Up to 15% of all telephone calls to the Amadeus call center are processed automatically with IVR self-services. To balance the load between agents, all inbound calls are automatically distributed by target group (in relation to specific campaigns of the call center). When routing a call within the group, the priority of the campaign, queue time, and the qualification and availability of the agent are taken into account.

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