About Noda Lite

Enterprise-level all-in-one call center solution (IP PBX, recording, Omni-channel, predictive dialing, reporting) for small and medium businesses. All the benefits of Noda Contact Center in a SaaS solution

Noda Contact Center is listed in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure, Worldwide.


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Up to 20 concurrent agents,
up to 60 concurrent connections


The price starts from 100€ per month per agent

Product features

Noda Contact Center has all the features you need


Call and queue prioritization, support for all modes: progressive, predictive, and preview.

Agent scripting

A drag-and-drop graphic designer that makes setting up conversation scripts easy.

Call recording

Full or selective recording of all conversations, compatible with PCI DSS.


A single queue for all channels: Facebook, Viber, email, SMS, voice, chat, Telegram, and more.

Quality management

Programmable standards used to process contacts along different criteria, complete with call ratings.


Our own program-based IP PBX and softswitch, skill-based routing and distribution, load balancing and hot backup.


Support for four forecasting methods: whole week, planned week, trend construction, and confidence intervals (VaR), with a special mobile app also available.


Combined statistics from conversation scripts and telephony, 50+ built-in reports available out of the box, online statistics.


Jump aboard media’s most prominent business trend to empower your internal advertising teams.

  • Combined statistics from conversation scripts and telephony
  • Integrated statistics for all contact channels
  • More than 40 built-in reports available out of the box
  • Access to reports provided via a web interface
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Campaign Management

A programming-free subsystem built to support preparations for release and the provision of timely support for all types of campaigns is included.

  • Fully functional, cross-browser interface
  • Entire interface for setting and campaign management in one window
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A multi-channel IP phone.

  • All the functions you need to manage calls and transfers
  • Conference creation
  • Operator status management
  • Integration with other systems
  • Support for Windows, MacOS, and Linux
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We appreciate the solution’s fast roll-out time, the dynamic growth opportunities it unlocks, and its market-leading position.

Laziz Akhmatov

Managing Director, TOP-Contact

Noda Contact Center takes care of the technical problems, leaving us fully focused on running our business.

Mikhail Kalinkin

Managing Director, Gran

Implementing Noda Contact Center dropped our operational expenses by 70%. We no longer have to bring in IT outsourcers to prep and release projects.

Oleg Ivanchikhin

Managing Director, Tekhnologii Kontakta

There were no tech-related growing pains when we scaled up from 24 to 600 operators. The platform is just about on par with open-source solutions as far as flexibility goes, and quickly integrates with any other system you could need.

Grigory Darchiev

Technical Director, New Contact

We leveraged Noda Contact Center to streamline the expenses entailed in handling user calls. About 20% of incoming contacts are now processed automatically using the IVR service.

Dmitry Anchyunov

Managing Director, InterZet

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