The cost of Noda Contact Center

Excellent price and performance make the product significantly more affordable than its brand-name counterparts. The cost of Noda Contact Center project implementation consists of several key components:

  • The cost of a license
  • The cost of the required equipment and server software
  • The cost of consultation services associated with implementation
  • An annual subscription for updates

License cost

We offer a transparent and clear licensing procedure. The license value depends on the scope of functionality selected, the number of external telephone lines, and agent and supervisor workstations. A full Noda Contact Center license includes all the required functionality (Inbound ACD, Outbound, IVR, Quality Management, Reporting, Agent Scripting, Call Recording, Soft Phone, and Multichannel). The preliminary cost of a license can be calculated here.

Cost of the equipment and software

The Noda Contact Center solution is hardware-independent and is able to operate on any Intel-based server from any manufacturer. Agent workplaces can be configured on the basis of any operating system (Linux, Windows, Mac OSX). Finally the server software and databases can also be activated using free Linux software. In particular, many Noda clients use free PostGre software as a database. Thus, Noda clients are either able to use existing equipment or optimize their equipment purchasing costs significantly.

The cost of setup and customization services

Noda Contact Center software setup and adjustment services are provided by Noda’s certified partners in compliance with mandatory quality requirements. The scope of individual customer preferences, as well the number of external systems requiring integration significantly influence the cost of final implementation. In order to clarify the number and scope of the services that may be required, please send a request to our specialists.

The annual subscription for updates

The cost of the subscription amounts to 18% of the total cost of a license. NCC is an off-the-shelf product that is constantly being developed. A new release is launched every eight months. A new version is released once every two years, adding principally new functionality. In particular, a quality management and multichannel module was added to the latest version of NCC.

Simply, conveniently, and quickly calculate the cost of Noda Contact Center licenses
Migration to the Noda Contact Center platform comes with a 60% discount on the licenses
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