Noda Omni-Channel

Noda Omni-Channel is a cutting-edge communication platform that offers a wide range of functionality. Users enjoy centralized processing for contacts coming in by phone, email, and other digital channels (SMS, web chat, messengers, mobile apps, social networks, and more). 

What is omni-channel? 

  1. Clients can contact your company using whichever channel is most convenient for them at the time. 
  2. Clients can switch between channels when contacting your company without noticing an appreciable difference. 
  3. The company has access to a full record that covers all channels for each client. 
  4. The client enjoys consistent and identical service regardless of the channel they’re using.
According to Merchants (2015 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report), 75% of communication still uses voice channels, and half of non-voice communication uses email. With that in mind, contact center’ platforms have to be able to include both - phone calls and email.

Noda Оmni-Сhannel supports all popular communication channels: 

  • General phone network 
  • WebRTC 
  • Site call-back requests 
  • Email 
  • SMS 
  • Web chat 
  • Messengers (Facebook, Telegram, VK) 
  • Mobile apps 
  • Social networks (Facebook, VK)

Centralized processing for contacts 

Noda Оmni-Сhannel contains scripts for all campaign types: you can use а central script for different channels. Information from third-party systems can be included. All client histories displayed in scripts.

Operators can be blended between channels: they can get messages from any channel and handle several service sessions at the same time.

The Platform provides flexible rules for distributing instant messages that account for how fast different operators process them.


  • Built-in reporting that meets EN15838 and COPC standards 
  • Summary reporting that includes all contact processing details: used to analyze operators, projects, contact reasons, service quality, and more for individual channels  
  • Ability to quickly and easily set up and create nonstandard reports

Integration and customizing

Although Noda Оmni-Сhannel is integrated completely into Noda Contact Center, it also compatible with other solutions. The Platform has customizable interface, reporting, contact processing scripts, and more, all integrable with third-party systems (ABS, CRM, billing, help desk, etc.) Storage of corporate (personal) data can be placed on company servers or in the cloud.

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