Technical Requirements

The system doesn’t require any specific hardware and can be set up on wide range of servers that use Intel processors. Send us a request to receive a calculation of requirements.

Software Requirements

The software requirements necessary for running Noda Contact Center are listed below. Each of the components is presented in at least 2 versions: free distributions can be used for contact centres that aim to minimize costs. In cases where reliability and stability are priorities it is possible to choose proprietary software which provides support at the corporate level.

Proprietary For free
Server Operating Systems RedHat Enterprise Linux Oracle Linux
Desktop Operating Systems MS Windows, Mac OSx Ubuntu
Database Oracle Postgre

Agent workplace requirements

  • Processor: Intel Pentium 1700 MHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB (minimum: 512 MB)
  • Operating System: Windows/Linux/Mac OSx
  • A headset or USB phone from the list of recommended equipment.

Noda Contact Center connection methods

Voice connection

There are two ways to connect to the Provider:

1.1 Provider supports VoIP If the provider supports VoIP, then simply connect the server to the SIP-flow from the provider. 

1.2 Provider does not support VoIP If the provider does not support SMPP, it is necessary to use a VoIP-Gateway between the provider and NODA.

Using the existing PBX

Here I would like to give a few words about the kind of situations when this is required. I understand that this is frequently asked about. Noda Contact Center has its own PBX. In case you want to use NODA CC and the existing PBX at the same time in the office, there are two methods, depending on your hardware:

  • VoIP-Gateway in the middle. This method is used if the client's PBX has only one E1 port.
  • Client's PBX in the middle. This method is used if the client's PBX has two E1 ports, one of which will send the flow to the VoIP-gateway.

Omni-channel handling

Noda Omni-Channel can centralized processing for contacts coming in by phone, email, and other digital channels (SMS, web chat, messengers, mobile apps, social networks, and more)

  • General phone network
  • WebRTC
  • Site call-back requests
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Web chat
  • Messengers (Facebook, Telegram, VK)
  • Mobile apps
  • Social networks (Facebook, VK)

Using Noda to build geographically diverse call centres

If your call centre has remote workstations or combines several offices from different cities, you will require a secured Internet channel in order to connect them, which is provided by means of VPN configuration. Access to the telephone network can be realized through connecting the call centre to the network of a local provider or through a secured Internet channel.

With the help of Noda Contact Center you can unite the company’s telephone network, including the processing call centre in the head office and remote operators’ workstations. You can flexibly distribute the resources of the contact centre based on statistics.

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