Noda Workforce Management

Noda Workforce Management (Noda WFM) module is fully functional WFM solution developed in Russia. Noda WFM ensures that the workforce management process is always online, including everything from predicting workloads and publishing reports to squeezing the most out of working hours. And while the module is integrated completely into Noda Contact Center, it can also be used as a stand-alone solution thanks to built-in connectors programmed to work with foreign contact center solutions.


The system includes four forecasting methods: whole week, planned week, trend construction, and confidence intervals (VaR). Predictions are built by looking at quantities and workload distribution, outside factors, and how all of those affect the client’s service level. If the actual workload changes, the system makes real-time changes to projected values. 

  • Forecast is based on historical data 
  • Calculation of the number of employees including targeted service level 
  • It is available to rebuild and change forecast


The system is nothing if not flexible. Schedules are planned by looking at operator skills, shift nuances, individual work rules, performance standards, and legislative standards, while also offering a multi-skills mode. There is no limit to the number of activities (operator statuses) that can be created, and all of them are tied to valid states in the telephony system. Statuses are colored differently to make tracking them easier.

Work schemes: Contain information about work days/days off as well as flexible days off

Shift containers: Contain information about work days variations (rules of work for a specified day)


Integration with telephony systems lets the module provide reliable control over how planned schedules are executed. The online monitoring panel, which can be set up without the help of programmers, gives all managers the ability to keep an eye on the workforce using a custom-selected set of fields.

The system sends out automatic text notifications whenever changes are made to the current schedule.

Working with timetable: Managers can operate the timetable and operators will be notified about all the changes made.

Control online: Monitoring system allows to control employees’ work online by filtering out the breaches

Personal account All operators have access to a personal account that displays everything they need to know about their planned shifts and lets them trade shifts with colleagues as needed. That frees up managers and supervisors to focus on other work.


A set of easy-to-use tools makes it easy to set up reports on worktime usage, and each operator has an activity history that can be checked whenever information is needed. Reports, which are updated online, can also be downloaded to external systems in Excel and other formats. The online monitoring panel can be switched to compact mode in order to focus attention on problem areas.

Mobile app

Every once in a while operators get sick or have an emergency that forces them to leave work early. Managers need to react quickly, which is why we developed a mobile app. Schedule change requests sent by operators from their smartphones are received by planners, and all approved changes are immediately reflected in the table.

The opposite situation can also occur: contact centers occasionally need to quickly bring in operators to meet their target SL. Noda WFM lets planners create additional shifts, at which point the system automatically sends out free push-notifications operators can accept or decline from within the app.

An important note!

The Noda WFM module is completely integrated into Noda Contact Center, though it can also be used separately as a stand-alone solution. It installs easily on top of well-known western systems like Avaya, Cisco, and Genesys. Because of that, its target audience widens to include potential clients looking to streamline expenses without migrating to a new platform.

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