Technical Support

A call center is a living organism that receives a new request from a client every second, whilst making thousands of outbound calls to notify its clients of important news or new offers. Down time of just a few minutes can lead to serious consequences both in terms of finance and image. In this context, effective and fast technical support is a top priority in Noda operations.

The fundamental rules and the principles behind Noda support management

Customer support with the aid of a local partner

Our many partners provide 1st and 2nd level Noda customer technical support. This means that the majority of issues that arise can be resolved as quickly as possible. This also includes related incidents that arise, which we are not obligated to solve but which come under the responsibility of the communications provider or equipment manufacturer. We are convinced that a local system integrator knows all the idiosyncrasies of a client's infrastructure as well as the specifics of interaction with local communications providers and other local suppliers best of all.

The capability to engage highly skilled developers at short notice

In those rare cases when a partner’s specialists are not able to resolve an incident, Noda’s highly skilled engineers and developers will help to resolve the problem immediately and ensure that the solution is able to perform at the required level.

A Presence in the here and now

Noda has its own staff of engineers in Manila (in the Philippines), who provide immediate services to Noda's partners in the APAC. In addition, the Noda development center in Yekaterinburg has a time difference from Manila/Singapore of -2 hours, which means that many issues can be resolved within 1 business day.


Remote access to the accounting system for Service Desk requests allows registered users to accomplish the following in real-time:

  • Log support requests and monitor their progress;
  • Receive information concerning all open and completed requests
  • Generate reports on the work completed in a given period;
  • Receive information on the duration of support contracts;
  • Add comments to a request as it is being actioned.

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